LWMC’s Clean Campus Ambassador Program Makes Strides in Spreading Awareness.

Lahore :
The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is steadfast in its commitment to instill a culture of cleanliness among citizens while upholding impeccable sanitation standards in the city. In line with this mission, the LWMC’s clean campus ambassador program has achieved resounding success. LWMC Chief Executive Officer Babar Sahib Din expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, highlighting the pivotal role played by LWMC’s social mobilizer teams in propagating awareness about promoting waste segregation, plastic waste reduction, and cleanliness awareness not only in government schools but also in private educational institutions. Throughout the city, a series of seminars have been organised in both public and private schools, serving as a platform to disseminate vital information about cleanliness. Moreover, special training sessions have been organised for schoolchildren, focusing on waste reduction and the art of waste segregation. Practical experience is gained through hands-on activities such as waste picking and segregation within the school premises.

According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhary, a cleanliness awareness activity was organized at Rafia Grammar High School, located in Aziz Bhatti Town. CEO Babar Sahib Din commended the Punjab government’s initiative, emphasising its positive reception among students and parents alike. These measures are anticipated to not only enhance the quality of education but also instill valuable moral lessons in the youth. Well-trained children are envisioned as the future architects of a cleaner society. LWMC has consistently played a pivotal role in delivering top-notch cleanliness facilities while spearheading awareness campaigns. Citizens are earnestly requested to collaborate with LWMC by disposing of garbage in designated bins. For any cleanliness-related concerns or suggestions, citizens can contact the LWMC helpline at 1139 or utilize social media channels.

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