“Lahore’s Eco-Revolution: ADB-LDA Partnership for Cycling Docks”

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and an Asian Development Bank (ADB) team discussed a project to establish cycling docks and dedicated tracks in Lahore city.

The ADB delegation, consisting of Huma Dar, Bram van Ogen, and consultant Muhammad Saad, discussed with the LDA administration the cycling track plan, proposing cycling tracks along main boulevards and roads.

“A feasibility study will be initiated for the master plan to further enhance cycling infrastructure,” LDA Director General Tahir Farooq said.

He also highlighted LDA’s environment-friendly initiatives, such as the promotion of greenery, and provision of pedestrian facilities and parking arrangements to mitigate environmental pollution.

He said Lahore is facing serious environmental-related issues, such as smog.

“And controlling such issues can only be possible if we try to reduce traffic on roads,” he told Dawn.

Lahore is turning into a signal-free metropolitan city, losing pathways for pedestrians and the tracks for cyclists. This makes the city pro-motorists and buildings.

“We are planning to promote cycling under international models and practices. We want to establish docks of cycles (both manual and electric) at various spots, especially near markets, shopping malls, railway, and bus stations. At these spots, people can get cycles on reasonable charges. And after using, they can park cycles at any designated docks nearby aforementioned busy spots,” he said.

Mr Farooq said the ADB team would not charge us for preparing the initial design. With the passage of time, the LDA department concerned would also develop special and dedicated cycling tracks wherever required.

DEMOLISHED: LDA teams demolished nine illegally built structures and sealed seven buildings for flouting building regulations, according to officials.

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