LWMC Intensifies Cleanliness Drive across Lahore


The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has ramped up its efforts to ensure a clean environment across the city. LWMC Chief Executive Officer Babar Sahib Din has directed officers to conduct surprise field inspections. In response to directives from Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, LWMC is diligently executing comprehensive cleanliness arrangements in every street and area of the city. Under the guidance of CEO Babar Sahib Din, LWMC cleaning teams are actively engaged in clearing over 5000 containers during the morning shift, targeting both commercial markets and residential areas for zero waste management. According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhary, special cleaning teams are active in key areas like Data Darbar, Lari Adda, Azadi Chowk, and the Railway Station. Ongoing cleaning operations cover Shahdara, Ravi Town, and other key entry and exit points in Lahore. Continuous clearance is also being executed in Chauburji, Secretariat, and Baba Ground. Additionally, mechanical sweeping is underway at major roads such as Main Boulevard Gulberg, Canal Road, Jail Road, and Mall Road. Under the direction of CEO Babar Sahib Din, the process of manual and mechanical sweeping is going on, all over the roads of the city. Residents are urged to cooperate by disposing of garbage properly and using designated bins. The LWMC has also encouraged the citizens to report any cleanliness issues via LWMC helpline at 1139 or through social media. ********************************************************** LWMC and Pak Mission Society Collaborate for Environmental Awareness Drive in Schools Lahore ( ) The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC), in collaboration with the Pak Mission Society, has initiated a comprehensive public awareness campaign aimed at fostering environmental consciousness among. As part of this endeavour, a plantation campaign was recently launched in member schools of the Green Club. According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhary, a pivotal awareness seminar took place at the Government Shuhda-e-APS School in Model Town. Pak Mission Society, LWMC, and school students together planted over 50 saplings within the school premises. Moreover, students were actively engaged in informative sessions focusing on waste reduction and recycling practices. The event culminated in an impactful awareness walk, led by the motivated school students, underscoring their commitment to maintaining cleanliness in their school and its surroundings. The aim of introducing Green Club in schools is to give students practical training in climate protection and safety. In the Green Club, students in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades are being taught the processes of waste segregation, recycling, and composting, as well as the operational aspects of waste collection and container clearance. This collaborative effort signifies a promising step towards nurturing a greener and more sustainable future for the community.

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