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Jennifer Garner reveals how she earns ‘cool points’ with her and Ben Affleck’s son

Jennifer Garner shares his son;s reaction to her movie appearances 

Jennifer Garner has recently opened up about her and ex-husband Ben Affleck’s son Samuel’s reaction to her movie appearances.

Speaking to E! News, the Alias actress shared how she earned “cool points” for starring in Netflix’s Family Switch with Ed Helms and Emma Meyers.

“I watched it with my son in his class,” said Garner.

The 13 Going On 30 star continued, “The class had a blast. And my son was embarrassed going into it, because he knew what was coming.”

“But then when he saw his buddies having so much fun, he had a great time,” remarked Garner.

Garner noted, “The thing that made me the most excited – I mean, I love hearing the kids laugh – but there were a couple of my friends who were moms who were chaperoning this outing, and they told me after that they cried. And I was like, ‘Yes!’”

Explaining how she chose her roles, the actress mentioned, “I just feel like to be part of a kid’s memory bank of something happy that they experience with their family as a kid, that’s joy for me.”

Garner pointed out, “I was somewhere with my family this summer and I was on a carousel and it was dark. And a little kid from another country saw me and they were like ‘Yes Day!’”

“That’s wonderful. That’s the whole reason to get to do this job,” added the actress.

Meanwhile, Garner’s movie Family Switch will release on Netflix on November 30.

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