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Kim Kardashian best friend Jonathan Cheban reveals new career move

Kim Kardashian best friend Jonathan Cheban shared his new career adventure

Jonathan Cheban, a close friend of Kim Kardashian who now goes by the name FoodGod, is passionate about anything related to food.

In a conversation with, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star discussed some of the most incredible Thanksgiving foods.

‘Thanksgiving is one of my favorite glutinous holidays,’ began the pal of Post Malone and Sting.

‘There is so much creativity within the normal turkey and stuffing. The trend I have been seeing is Peking duck style turkey,’ added the reality TV star who has also been on Celebrity Big Brother.

‘They literally stick the whole turkey in the oil with incredible Peking sauce! I have also seen many variations of stuffing with truffles and gold for the extra taste and affect.’

Kim Kardashian best friend Jonathan Cheban reveals new career move

He also shared his new career adventure: he has opened a fast food chain called Dirty Bird and an ice cream line called Cold Case.

‘This is the year of launching my business and brands rather than just focusing on TV,’ he told

He has a close friendship with Kim, whom he met over 15 years ago when he was working as a publicist and she was a budding reality TV star.

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