Viral Recipe: These Unique Potato Noodles Are A Must-Try For Aloo Lovers

From stree-style aloo chat to spicy aloo ki sabji, there is a lot you can do with potatoes. Social media sometimes introduces us to fusion recipes that fail to tantalise our tastebuds. At other times, we are wowed with innovative techniques to prepare traditional recipes. From chicken tikka in an air fryer to experimenting with blue pea dosa, unconventional recipes and cooking techniques have always captured the imagination of food lovers. Now, let us come back to potatoes and the latest creation that is making waves on Instagram. Presenting, gluten-free potato noodles. Before you picture noodles with potato as one of the toppings, think again. These noodles are actually crafted from boiled potatoes. Sounds intriguing, right? These unique noodles are certainly a kitchen experiment worth trying, especially if you prefer to avoid gluten in your diet.

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Are Potato Noodles Healthier Than Regular Maida Noodles?

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Of course, this is the first question that comes to your mind. You might be surprised to hear that potato noodles can be considered a healthier alternative to regular maida noodles for various reasons. Potatoes are naturally free of gluten, making them suitable for individuals following a gluten-free diet.  Potatoes provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Choosing gluten-free potato noodles can help those who are looking to introduce a healthier alternative to their diet.

How Are Maida Noodles Different From Potato Noodles?

As the name suggests, maida noodles are prepared using refined wheat flour. These noodles can contribute to higher carbohydrate intake. As a result, maida noodles lack the nutritional benefits found in the potato version.

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How To Make Potato Noodles At Home

Are you someone who tried preparing these potato noodles but failed? Or are you planning on making them for the first time? We have some tips and tricks that can help you. Firstly. to make these gluten-free noodles, you typically need potatoes, cornflour, garlic, Kashmiri chilli powder, chilli flakes, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and oil.

Potato Noodles Recipe: Important Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure that the potatoes are not overcooked. It will become difficult for you to bind the dough.
  • The proportion of ingredients is crucial. You can’t mess with this one.
  • Apply some olive oil to your palms before you start rolling the dough. 
  • Make sure your dough is not sticky or loose. And don’t put too much pressure on it.
  • After noodles are ready, boil them for approximately 8-9 minutes. Set a timer for this one.
  • Allow it to cool down. 

You can also watch this video for a step-by-step guide:

Will you try to recreate these gluten-free potato noodles in your kitchen? Let us know in the comment section below.

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