Love Gajar Ka Halwa? Now Make It In A Pressure Cooker In Just 20 Minutes

Gajar ka halwa is one of the most loved Indian desserts out there. Its rich and decadent taste is quite drool-worthy and makes us salivate every time. It’s especially enjoyed during the winter season and provides absolute contentment for our hearts. Doesn’t it? Many of us also prefer to make it at home from scratch. However, gajar ka halwa is traditionally prepared in a kadhai. This ends up taking a lot of time and may not be a suitable option for everyone. But don’t worry; we have some good news to share with you. You can prepare this sweet delight in a pressure cooker as well. Yes, you heard that right. The best part? It will take you no more than 20 minutes to prepare it.

How Much Time Does It Take To Cook Gajar Ka Halwa In A Pressure Cooker?

To make gajar ka halwa in a pressure cooker, it can take you anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. This reduces the cooking time by a significant amount. It’s a great method for those who are running short on time or do not want to spend a long time in the kitchen. However, this time can vary depending on the size of your pressure cooker.
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How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa In A Pressure Cooker | Easy Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

Start by washing the carrots thoroughly. Peel and grate them nicely. Now add them to the pressure cooker along with milk and green cardamom and cook until one whistle. Wait for the steam to escape and open the lid. Cook the carrots on high heat until the milk dries up. Make sure to keep stirring it well to avoid the carrots sticking to the bottom of the cooker. Next, add the ghee and mix well. After this, add in the sugar and cook until the sugar melts. Finally, add the khoya and give it a good stir until there are no lumps. Garnish with almond slivers and serve hot! Gajar ka halwa is ready to be relished! For the complete recipe for gajar ka halwa in a pressure cooker, click here.

How To Prevent Gajar Ka Halwa From Sticking To The Bottom Of The Cooker?

Gajar ka halwa easily sticks to the bottom of the pressure cooker. To prevent this, make sure to always keep the flame on low or medium. If you keep it high, it won’t only stick but can also end up burning. You must also constantly stir the halwa while it’s cooking, as this prevents it from sticking as well.
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Try this easy gajar ka halwa recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments below. Happy Cooking!

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