Tom Cruise shows ‘rare support’ for agent who lost job over political remarks

Tom Cruise saved the job of his longtime agent amid major conflict

Tom Cruise showed support to his longtime agent, Maha Dakhil, after she was fired from her job for voicing her opinion on an ongoing conflict in the Middle-east.

Dakhil, who acted co-chief of the motion pictures department at the Creative Artists Agency, had reposted some posts on her private Instagram account.

One of the reposts read, “What’s more heartbreaking than witnessing genocide? Witnessing the denial that genocide is happening.”

The posts were circulated in the industry which received immense backlash. Dakhil then issued an apology after which she took down the posts and made her account private, reported Variety.

A reliable source revealed that Cruise took the rare step of going in person to show support for his embattled agent.

The outlet then reported that the Mission Impossible star, 61, saved Dakhil’s job as he showed his support. Cruise ‘made it known to CAA that he was backing her’ and met with Dakhil at her CAA office last week.

Moreover, many CAA assistants threatened to walk out over the agency’s treatment of her, the insider divulged. While there were some staffers feeling ‘disillusioned’ as they believed that Dakhil ‘should have been fired’ for her posts.

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