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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle expected to ‘betray’ Royal Family ‘again’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are eager to get in the good books of the royal family, might not get a warm welcome due to the fear of another betrayal.

As per Mirror, Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell addressed the speculations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s possible reunion with the royal family at the occasion of Christmas.

Paul claimed that the royal family feared that the couple who made money by putting down their blood relationships would betray them again.

“I think there is a very bad feeling in the Royal Family about Harry and Meghan that if they let them back into the royal fold they will be betrayed again,” he stated. 

Paul continued, “They see it as airing dirty laundry in public and telling tales in public when they know all too well that they shouldn’t be doing that.”

Paul further added that there is no job or working role for the pair in the royal family.

He said that people shouldn’t expect them to come back as working members of the family, because they aren’t going to. “They are going to have to plough their own field now.”

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