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Taylor Swift’s choreographer reveals singer’s favourite dance routines on Eras Tour

Mandy Moore appeared as a guest judge for ‘Dancing With the Stars Taylor Swift Night’

Taylor Swift’s choreographer Mandy Moore is having the best time working with her on the Eras World Tour.

Chatting with Page Six after her guest judge gig on Dancing With the StarsTaylor Swift Night, Moore gave insights into the “incredible” creative process of putting together the record-breaking world tour and shared some behind the scenes happenings.

“I’m not going to say it was easy – it was a ton of numbers in a very short amount of time – but I have to say, every day I went to work, I was just like, ‘This is amazing,’” Moore noted.

The 47-year-old dancer further gave props to the “down to earth” iconic performer for her dedication.

“We’re in this massive stadium, putting it up, rehearsing it, and she just walked in, just normal, like sits on the stage and wants to practice whatever,” she recalled, adding that she “just loves” that about Swift.

The So You Think You Can Dance choreographer also revealed two of Swift’s favorite dance routines from the Eras Tour: the dance routines for Vigilante S*it and Willow.

Lastly, Moore shared her thoughts on Swift’s headline-making romance with NFL star Travis Kelce.

Though she claimed to not know that much more than anyone else about their relationship, Moore expressed, “I love Taylor and if she’s happy, I’m happy,” noting that Kelce “seems like a great guy.”  

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