LWMC Intensifies Clean-Up Operations in Lahore

Lahore ( ) Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) cleaning teams are diligently working to maintain cleanliness in the city. A special cleaning operation is underway on the streets and also in public spaces. Under the guidance of LWMC Chief Executive Officer Babar Sahib Din, a zero-waste initiative is being implemented around schools and colleges. The sanitation teams have been strategically deployed around Larri Adda and public places for zero-waste operation.

According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhary, special cleaning activities were ensured at Chowk Yateem Khana, Band Road, City Bus Terminal, Niazi Adda, Skyways and other public places. Daily cleaning operations are underway in government schools, public parks, and commercial markets. Over 10,000 LWMC workers and cleaning machinery are deployed across the 9 towns of Lahore, working tirelessly towards achieving a zero-waste city. To further raise public awareness, daily cleanliness awareness walks are being organized. CEO Babar Sahib Din expressed his determination to provide a clean environment to the citizens, highlighting the round-the-clock efforts of LWMC workers and officers who are actively engaged in the field. Citizens are urged to support LWMC’s efforts by disposing of garbage in designated bins. For sanitation-related complaints and suggestions, citizens can contact the LWMC helpline at 1139 or connect through social media.

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