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King Charles, royal family issued new warning amid feud with Harry, Meghan

Prince Harry is fifth in line to throne after William and his children

King Charles, who celebrated his 75th birthday with his close aides and family members on Tuesday, have been warned of wounded Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s intentions mid speculations about the future of the monarchy.

The Duke of Sussex seems heartbroken over latest snubs form the royal family and King Charles as he was not invited by his father King Charles to attend his birthday milestone.

Harry, who was also treated as non-royal during his recent visit to the UK, could spill more secrets on the royal family if he feels cornered.

Amid speculations about King Charles’s monarchy, the former royal butler Grant Harrold has warned the palace that Harry may have drawn a line for now, and could reveal more details if he feels “hurt or attacked”.

The former royal butler has shared his thoughts on the mounting pressure the Duke is feeling these days. Harry’s estranged relationship with his royal relatives has deepened after cutting ties with them nearly four years ago when he and his wife Meghan stepped back as senior royals and relocated to California.

On the other hand, Meghan is tipped to write her own tell-all memoir following in her husband’s footsteps. The speculations about the Duchess’s upcoming autobiography has already caused a stir among some senior members of the royal family.

William, who once called Meghan an actress and reportedly had some other issues with Harry’s sweetheart during the couple’s early romance, ma face the wrath of his comments about the former ‘Suits’ star.

Some royal aides and experts have asked the King to cut all the ties with Harry, who’s fifth in line to throne after William and his children.

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