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Kate Middleton delivers thought-provoking speech at ‘Shaping Us’ campaign

Kate Middleton delivered a heart touching speech at the Shaping Us National Symposium on November 15, 2023.

The Princess of Wales donned a beautiful purple colour suit at the event which took place at The Design Museum in London.

The program was launched by Kate and The Royal Foundation in January, 2023 to highlight the importance of early childhood.

“People often ask me why I focus my time on early childhood. The answer is because I care deeply about making a positive difference, in helping the most vulnerable and supporting those who are most in need,” Kate began her speech.

The mother-of-three further added that the campaign is not just about the youngest children in society, who are, by their very nature, vulnerable. It is also about the many young people and adults who are suffering.

Kate shared that we should build a healthier world which will helps in nurturing the foundations that support our children.

“Because if we can create a society which sees the child within every adult – and the adult within every child – we will finally start to change it for the better,” Prince William’s wife added. 

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