Important instructions for Punjab schools

Instruction issued after death of six members of a family at the hands of an underage driver

A young boy is carrying his father on motorcycle on the way at a road in Lahore. — Online/File

LAHORE: Following the tragic death of six family members at the hands of an underage driver in an accident, the Punjab education department has made it mandatory for all the schools in the province to ensure that students coming on motorcycles must hold a driving licence.

The department said it would not be responsible due to an accident, Geo News reported.

The action comes after a teenage driver named Afnan killed a family of six in an accident in Lahore’s Defence Phase 7.

According to The News, teenage driver Afnan had clashed with the victims and threatened them before hitting their car.

The driver followed the women sitting in the car from Y Block for quite some time. Hasnain, the driver of the victims’ car, sped up his vehicle multiple times so that Afnan could give up the chase, but the accused did not give up and continued harassing the family.

However, Hasnain later stopped the vehicle and scolded Afnan for his behaviour.

Hasnain’s father, travelling in another car, also asked Afnan to stop harassing the women but he rammed his car into the victims’ vehicle at a speed of 160km/hour near McDonald’s Chowk.

After the accident, Hasnain’s car flew 70 feet away from the road and all the occupants died on site. Four people came to rescue but the suspect ran away after seeing the anger of the people.

The teenager has now been taken into custody.

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