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Ludacris teases new music in 2024 after not releasing an album for eight years

Ludacris took a break from music and started pursuing movie projects and television work

Ludacris is finally coming out with some new music after an eight-year hiatus.

In an interview with published Monday, Christopher “Ludacris” Brian Bridges, 46, revealed that he’s going to finally release some new music in 2024, and explained why it took him so long to get another full-length album out.

“Some music projects will be coming out next year,” he said, putting up a disclaimer that the material isn’t quite ready yet.

But though the production is yet to start and logistics have yet to be sorted regarding whether it’s going to be an Extended Play (EP) or a Long Play (LP), the Grammy-winning rapper pledged that “We’re going to figure it out.”

The musician-turned-actor further explained why he’s been missing from the music scene for eight years, citing his movie and television projects, including the Fast & Furious franchise and various Netflix projects.

“Doing other art forms where I’m creative, where I’m putting my heart into that, I want to make sure that I leave a legacy on this earth,” the chart-topping musician expressed. 

“So it was just taking a step back and getting hungry again, living some life,” he added. 

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