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Zodiac Signs: Most auspicious marriage dates for all Zodiacs in 2024

Marriage is one of the most important events of human life and is also part of the 16 Samskara mentioned in our shastras. Choosing a suitable muhurta for marriage is absolutely essential and the future fate of marriage as well as cupid life is heavily determined by the date of marriage. Here is what Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist & Founder, NumroVani has shared for each zodiac sign.

The ideal date of marriage is selected based on the horoscopes of both bride and groom by considering key planets (such as Venus, Jupiter, and Moon) and key significators such as Moon Sign, and Ascendant among others.

Marriage Muhurat in 2024 – Key Outlook

There are around 60 suitable muhurat for marriage in 2024 (as per Mithila Panchang) and is spread across 7 Months i.e. Jan, Feb, March, April, July, November and December.

Let us dive into suitable marriage dates for each zodiac sign in 2024 based on their moon sign:

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