Your Curry Turned Too Spicy? 5 Foods That Can Help Lower The Heat

Let’s put this straight once and for all – it is okay to make mistakes! But you should know how to rectify and undo the disaster. It stands true for your daily kitchen mistakes as well. We often ruin our meals by adding extra ingredients or burning them. Right? What do you do then? Toss the entire dish into the dustbin? If yes, then we say, stop doing that right now! You ask us, why? It is because there are multiple remedies by our mothers and grandmothers to turn the situation around. Here, we will talk about ways to reduce the heat of chillies in your curries. All you need to do is add one of the below-mentioned ingredients to your curry and voila! Read on.

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Here’re 5 Food Ingredients That Can Lower The Heat In Curries:

1. Throw in some potatoes:

Adding potatoes to your meal that are high in salt or spice is possibly the most common remedy, used for generations, Potatoes and other starchy foods like rice, bread, etc. help absorb the flavours of the curry, diluting the heat to some extent.

2. Add some dahi:

Dahi is usually added to curries for a smooth texture and buttery mouthfeel. But did you know, it can help lower heat as well? Dahi, cream, and other such dairy products help balance out the flavours in a recipe, making it easy to consume.

3. Pour some ketchup:

Tomato ketchup usually has a sweet and tangy flavour. This helps cut the fieriness of a curry to some extent. You can always substitute with some sugar, but tomato ketchup helps add a hint of tanginess to a dish.

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4. Squeeze some lemon:

A hint of tanginess can instantly lower the heat of chillies. Adding lemon juice to your food is one of the simplest and age-old techniques you can follow to lower heat levels. And if you do not have lemon in stock, replace it with other citrusy elements like vinegar or chopped tomatoes.

5. Add some extra vegetables:

This process is super healthy as well. You can simply add some extra vegetables to the dish to not only lower the heat but also make it healthier. However, it is suggested to avoid watery vegetables like gourd, which may just ruin the texture of the dish.

Now that you know the simple tips and tricks to lower the heat level in a dish, we suggest, following them to avoid cooking disasters as much as possible. Happy cooking, everyone!

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