Winter Fitness: Dont Want To Get Out Of Bed? How To Stay Active – Expert Shares Tips On Diet And Exercise

As the weather turns chilly, sipping on some yummy hot chocolate and snuggling with a book under a blanket seems like the ideal life. As everything around turns cold, you seek comfort and warmth of good food and warm beds. But this is also a time when people feel sluggish and moving around seems like a task. When it comes to maintaining weight and watching over one’s fitness, winter can be challenging.  Kushal Pal Singh, Fitness and Performance Expert, Anytime Fitness, says, “Winter often presents a challenge when it comes to staying active and fit. The plummeting temperatures and shorter daylight hours tend to deter even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. However, with the right approach and mindset, the winter season can become a wonderland for workouts, offering unique opportunities to revamp your fitness routine.”

Staying Fit In Winters: Biggest Challenge

The most significant obstacle to winter fitness is often the battle to get out of bed. “The cozy allure of blankets and the reluctance to step out into the cold can make staying indoors seem much more appealing than hitting the gym or going for a run,” says Kushal Pal Singh. He suggests that to beat the habit of staying in, you should drink something warm immediately after waking up. “To get out of bed, you can sleep wearing something warm so that you do not feel the chilly air when you get out of your blanket in the morning,” he adds.

Motivating Yourself To Work Out In Winters

Motivation is the key to conquering winter workout blues. “Setting realistic goals, creating a workout schedule, finding a workout buddy, or trying new activities like indoor classes or home workouts can infuse enthusiasm into your routine. Remind yourself of the long-term benefits of staying active, such as improved mood, immunity, and overall health,” says Singh.

Best Winter Workouts: How To Mix It Up

It’s no wonder that any desire to get outside and work up a sweat has been buried until spring. But don’t let the holiday season become an excuse to abandon your fitness goals, says Singh. “Winter offers a chance to diversify your exercise regimen. Indoor activities like yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, or HIIT workouts are perfect alternatives to outdoor exercises. To keep yourself on track to do these exercises, you can choose to workout at home, with a partner or group, and set attainable goals for yourself. Just remember to warm up beforehand, you can stretch, run, jog, or even brisk walk,” he shares.

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Air Pollution In Winter: How To Stay Fit

For those residing in areas with high pollution levels like Delhi-NCR, exercising outdoors during winter can be a source of concern. “Opt for indoor workouts or consider exercising during times when pollution levels are lower, typically early morning or late evening. Investing in high-quality air purifiers for home workouts can also mitigate the impact of indoor pollution,” says Singh.

Winter Diet: Balancing Indulgences

The winter season often brings a plethora of tempting treats, from cakes to hot chocolates. However, to manage your weight, you must focus on moderation and balanced diet. “While enjoying these delights in moderation is acceptable, maintaining a balanced diet is crucial. Focus on incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Stay hydrated and swap sugary drinks for herbal teas, soups or warm lemon water. Also, increase the intake of ginger in your diet. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that aid nyour digestion. Moreover, it also keeps you warm and keeps cold and cough at bay.  Portion control and mindful eating are also vital in managing weight during this time,” says Singh.

In essence, winter should not be a hindrance but rather an opportunity to revitalise your fitness routine. “It’s a chance to explore new activities, focus on indoor workouts, and adapt to the changing climate. With a mix of determination, adaptability, and a balanced approach to diet and exercise, you can turn the cold season into a time of rejuvenation for both your body and mind. Remember, consistency is key, and finding joy in the process of staying active is paramount. Embrace the winter wonderland and let it become the backdrop for your fitness success story this season,” Kushal Pal Singh signs off.

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