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What fans think of Taylor Swift’s discreet message to Travis Kelce?

What fans think of Taylor Swift’s discreet message to Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce may have influenced Taylor Swift’s judgement of the crowd at her Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After the couple’s exciting weekend in Argentina, the 12-time Grammy winner wrote a touching note to all of the supporters of her Eras Tour stop, which some fans speculate may have been inspired by Kelce.

“Andddd we’re back at it! Starting off the South American leg of The Eras Tour in Argentina = best decision possible,” Swift, wrote on an Instagram carousel of photos from the three shows.

“I can’t even express my gratitude to the Buenos Aires crowds. I’d never been to Argentina before and they gave us the most electric, magical memories,” she added.

Although the post appeared regular at first, fans didn’t start to piece things together until Wednesday, when Kelce, 34, repeatedly referred to the performance as “electric” on his New Heights podcast.

“travis using the word ‘electric’ to describe the show like 47 times in the podcast and taylor using ‘electric’ in her caption about the buenos aires show is absolutely not a coincidence,” one sharp fan tweeted.

“the amount of times travis uses the word ‘electric’ in his podcast and the fact that taylor used it in her last post, oh the influence,” another pondered, with a third chiming in, “taylor using the word electric in this tweet makes sm more sense now travis used electric like 5 times in todays ep.”

While Taylor Swift gushed about her experience on the “South American leg of The Eras Tour in Argentina,” the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end also had nothing less than praises to share about the event.

“I was enjoying myself down there in Buenos Aires,” the tight end said. “The show was even more electric knowing that I had a little bit more to enjoy for it.”

“Taylor absolutely ripped it. She killed it.”

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