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Viral: The shocking video of how Rusk biscuits are made is disturbing – Times of India

There are so many foods we have grown up eating, but we have never paid any heed to how they are made or whether they are made with hygiene. In the last few years, thanks to the internet, we have come across many disappointing videos of how many of our favorite foods are made. The latest addition to the list is the morning delight Rusk biscuit. Scroll down to read the details.
Rusk biscuits, also often called “toast” or “pappe”, are a popular snack in India that we Indians enjoy with chai.While enjoying this crunchy treat, have you ever thought about how it is made? A viral video was posted on Instagram, and X recently threw a highlight on it and left the internet disappointed.
The video shows glimpses of the process of making rusk, and it has left the internet shocked.
As per the online data, the video was originally shot by content creator Amar Sirohi, who runs the Instagram page foodie_incarnate, and was reshared on X recently by user @Ananth_IRAS.

If we look at the clip, it features different shots of a group of people making rusk biscuits. They start by kneading the dough with their bare hands. One shot shows a factory worker smoking what looks to be a cigarette with one hand while mixing ingredients with his other hand. Once the dough is ready, we see the workers shaping it into long loaves. These are then baked for some time. Later, they are cut into slices and baked again.
The viral video posted on Instagram by Aman has gained 62k likes and more than 5 million views to date. The caption of the Instagram post read, Tag someone who loves Pappe (Rusk), and the post on X reads, “If this is true, I dread having a toast again!” Take a look at the video below. Take a look at the video.

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