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Travis Kelce’s thanksgiving plans laid bare sans Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s thanksgiving plans laid bare sans Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new beau Travis Kelce got his plans sorted for this upcoming holiday season.

The Kelce brothers are back with a new episode of their weekly podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, and they shared their future Thanksgiving plans following the Philadelphia Eagles victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night.

The brothers disclosed that they will not be spending the holiday together since Jason, 36, will be in Pennsylvania with his wife, Kylie, and their three girls, while Travis, 34, will be in Missouri.

Travis declared that he “won’t have anybody here, so I’ll be feasting on KFC.” Jason then claimed that his brother would like him to make a “quick trip” to meet his nieces, adding that they would “have plenty of food.”

Regarding the cuisine in issue, Jason said that the Kelce family typically had “pork chops” for Thanksgiving rather than turkey because they were not great turkey eaters when they were younger. The Eagles Centre said that playing pickup football at one of the neighbourhood’s elementary schools was a regular part of their early years.

“Travis is super picky,” Jason said, adding later that the Chiefs tight end enjoys eating mac and cheese, dinner rolls made by his mother Donna Kelce, and honey-baked ham.

In addition, Travis acknowledged that he had “never cooked a turkey” before.

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