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Taylor Swift’s PDAs with Travis Kelce are staged?

Taylor Swift’s PDAs with Travis Kelce are staged?

Taylor Swift caused a stir when her admirers claimed that, at a recent concert in Argentina while on the Eras tour, she staged physical contact with Travis Kelce.

The PDA was a “genuine” expression of love, according to celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman, who dismissed such accusations.

According to the expert, who spoke with The Mirror, the music sensation’s adorable kiss, which was caught on camera and went viral online, is the sincerest and affectionate gesture she has ever shown.

Honigman, who examined the video, highlighted Swift’s unusually ecstatic rush in Kelce’s direction, highlighting her delight at seeing him.

This happy and spontaneous conduct, according to the psychic, contrasts with Taylor’s typically composed and polished demeanour, implying an unguarded happy time.

Honigman observed, “She’s not looking to the sides to see who’s watching, she’s only got eyes for her beau.”

She continued by emphasising Kelce’s initially crossed arms behind him, taking it as a sign that the Lover songstress should determine how much of a public display he wanted to make.

“He’s letting her decide whether this will be a public display of affection or not,” she explained while embracing how their body language conveyed genuine affection and closeness.

Honigman claimed that the lip lock demonstrated a feeling of security and ease in expressing joy at being together.

She concluded, “As they walk away, they are fully in step with one another. They naturally walk at the same pace, in the same direction, which shows us that they are completely at home in each other’s arms.”

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