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Taylor Swift claims possession over Travis Kelce in public with bold move

Taylor Swift was recently spotted hand-in-hand with her new love flame Travis Kelce at a restaurant called Elena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The pop megastar, who kicked off her international Eras Tour in Argentina, seemingly claimed her possession over the NFL athlete during their romantic dinner date on Friday. 

On the other hand, Kelce was reportedly beaming with happiness as he spent quality time with his lady love.

A source close to People revealed that the couple “looked so cute on their low-key date night and they also left [the eatery] while holding hands.”  

“The crowd in the restaurant briefly cheered as they walked out. While, Travis was beaming,” an insider reported. 

Earlier, a report by The Sun shared that the Bad Blood singer has been flaunting her love publicly for the Kelce, which seemed to be her tactic to make her ex Joe Alwyn jealous. 

Psychologist Jo Hemmings told the above mentioned publication that the pop queen has now found someone who is loud and she does not need lyrics to show Travis is proud to be dating her.

“To get back at him in such a public way with someone who she is having a ball with is the sweetest revenge,” Hemmings added. 

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