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NEW DELHI: In a landmark collaboration, national mapping agency Survey of India (SoI) and Genesys International, a leading Indian mapping company, on Wednesday announced a strategic tie-up for a three-dimensional (3D) digital twin-mapping programme in India. Genesys thus becomes the first company to have a first public-private agreement with SoI for digital twin-mapping.
The strategic partnershipaims to create digital twins of major cities and towns, leveraging Genesys’ all-India highly-accurate navigable maps, the Genesys constellation of sensors and SOI’s recently-launched Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) network, which allows for real-time high precision positioning data.The collaboration is aligned withthe National Geospatial Policy 2022, promoting Atmanirbhar Bharat in geospatial data production and usage.
A digital twin is a virtual depiction of a real-world entity, be it a product, process, person or location, capable of comprehending and gauging its tangible counterparts. The twin — digital copy — will also help policymakers understand how infrastructure will function in different situations such as high-footprints events, increase of population or during natural disasters.
During the inking of the collaboration , Surveyor General of India Hitesh Kumar Makwana said, “In line with National Geospatial Policy 2022, SOI have commenced collaboration with the industry beginning with Genesys to deliver geospatial content which will be created with reference to National Geodetic Framework. SOI is willing to collaborate with industry partners for utilising the modern surveying techniques and leveraging the expertise of the Indian private sector. The 3D digital twin aimed to be created will be used by government departments for various new initiatives.”
Genesys chairman and managing director Sajid Malik said, “We are proud to join forces with the Survey of India to create a digital twin of Indian cities that will serve as a cornerstone for India’s development. We are excited that India’s foremost mapping authority is playing the nodal role in the growth of this sunrise digital infrastructure.”
Speaking to TOI, Sajid Malik said, “The concept of digital twin is a comprehensive geometric model of a city in question. It has a very high accuracy of 5 cm. Within the digital twin programme, there are multiplayer layers of data and all of them are fused together, which help in multiple applications where this data is required. City-wise model of this data and India’s 2D map, we have already developed, all these are integrated in order to provide solutions in the areas of disaster management, revenue enhancement, better utility planning and so on. We are using SOI’s CORS network in order to create high-precision (mapping) data at speed.”
On several India-specific projects, Malik told TOI, “We have been working on the project for the last one and a half years. We have already finished a 2D map of the entire India, where we have digitised 8.5 million km of the road network, and we have done around 1 million km of street imaging covering more than 1,500 towns in cities and we have almost 40 million points of addresses.”
Genesys, which specialises in advanced mapping, survey and digital twin creation and has a global presence, is “going to announce certain international projects next week”, the CMD said.

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