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Scream 7 loses another lead actor after Melissa Barrera firing

Jenna Ortega’s representatives claimed to tell Spyglass that the actress will not return

Jenna Ortega joins Melissa Barrera in not returning to Scream 7, but not for the reason everyone thinks so.

The future of the aging series is now uncertain due to the loss of its two key characters, who were crucial in bringing it back to life.

For the time being, Spyglass’s director, Christopher Landon, is still on board, but it’s unknown what comes next.

Barrera’s firing, which happened after she made many references to the Israel-Hamas conflict on social media, is unrelated to Ortega’s exit, according to sources close to the actress.

According to sources, Ortega’s representatives told Spyglass that the actress, who is among the most well-known young performers to have emerged in Hollywood in the last ten years, would not be coming back before the actors went on strike.

According to a number of reports, the actress either had no deal at all or asked the film studio what they thought was too much money while they were renegotiating her option.

Neve Campbell, the original star of the franchise, had previously been turned down by Spyglass because she had demanded a large pay increase for Scream VI.

Since Scream in 2022, Barrera and Ortega have portrayed sisters in the series.

Thanks to her role in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Wednesday, Ortega rose to prominence in the brief period following the film’s premiere and was seen as the cornerstone of the Scream franchise.

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