“SBP Vows to Polish Urdu Text Blunders on Currency!”

LAHORE: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has admitted various mistakes in the Urdu text on currency notes and assured the federal ombudsman of correcting these in the upcoming new banknote series.

According to the Dawn Newspaper,

The mistakes/omissions were pointed out in a complaint filed by a citizen to the ombudsman.

In his complaint, Shahzad Hussain Faizi, a member of Pakistan Writers Guild, pointed out mistakes in the Urdu text (Bank Daulat Pakistan, rupiya, Hamil Haza ko Mutalba per Ada Karay Ga and Hakmoot-i-Pakistan ki Zamanat se Jari Hua) while quoting various references and books.

According to the verdict announced by the ombudsman, the complaint alleging maladministration on the part of SBP stated that the bank was not ready to correct Urdu texts appeared on banknotes. After being disappointed by the SBP, the complainant approached the ombudsman for redressal of his grievance. A copy of complaint was also forwarded to the SBP which, later, submitted that it has initiated the design work for the issuance of new series of banknotes and it would look into the suggestions and observations made by the complainant while finalising the Urdu texts.

Both the parties were heard in detail and record was examined carefully. And during the hearing, the suggestions of the complainant were found valuable.

“During investigation of the instant case, the representative of the agency (SBP) admitted omission and undertook that the agency would look into the suggestions and observations made by the complainant while prevailing the Urdu text on its new banknote series. On the assurance of the agency, the complainant showed satisfaction,” reads the verdict.

“The agency is advised to submit compliance report within 60 days,” it directs the SBP.

On the other hand, in a letter to the complainant, the SBP through its joint director also pledged to take remedial measures in this regard. “As discussed, the SBP will look into the suggestions/observations made by your good self while finalising the Urdu text for our new banknote series,” the letter states.

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