Rita Ora reflects thoughts on marriage, ‘tying knot with Taika Waititi made her mature’

Rita Ora reflects on spontaneous wedding bliss and personal growth.

Rita Ora shared her thoughts on marriage and parenthood while discussing her union with husband Taika Waititi. 

Rita who tied the knot with the 48-year-old filmmaker on August 4, 2022, in a small ceremony in LA, revealed that marriage has had a profound impact on her, describing it as a significant milestone.

Ora expressed how marriage has “matured her,” acknowledging that no one truly prepares you for the experience until you’re immersed in it. 

Reflecting on the advice she received, she mentioned that people often caution about certain aspects like being careful and maintaining date nights, but the actuality of those sentiments becomes apparent only when one undergoes the journey. 

The star recently opened up about the transformative impact of marriage, describing it as a “big shock in the best way.” 

In an interview with Blag Magazine, she expressed how the experience made her feel like she was truly maturing, evolving into a lady, an adult, and a woman.

Discussing the societal pressure to have children, Ora revealed that she has never believed in conforming to traditional expectations. 

Despite external influences emphasizing the next steps like having kids, she emphasized her belief in making decisions that align with her own values and desires.

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