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Queen Camilla ‘quite annoyed’ with ‘horrible things’ said to King Charles

Queen Camilla will not stand anyone who badmouths her husband King Charles, in any form of media, even if it is from Prince Harry.

Miriam Margolyes, the British-Australian actress, appeared on the Dish from Waitrose podcast, in which she talked about her visit to Sandringham to have dinner with the royals.

The Harry Potter actress, 82, revealed that she had gone swimming with Camilla, who then talked about comments made about the father of Prince William and Prince Harry.

“[Camilla] was a better swimmer than I was. But so friendly and down to earth and sensible,” Margolyes said.

“And I said to her, you know, ‘I hate it when the newspapers say horrible things about Prince Charles because he’s so sweet and so good and he worries about the country,” she said when the monarch was still a prince.

Margolyes shared that Camilla responded with, “Oh you’re so right. I absolutely agree with you.” She further added that she would “not have those papers in the house.” The actress pointed that Camilla was “quite annoyed about it.”

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Similarly, Charles is also protective of his wife and has taken drastic measure to show support to Camilla, especially after Prince Harry dubbed her as a “villain” in his explosive memoir, Spare.

Earlier this month, a source told The Telegraph that the King and Prince Harry “don’t speak much, if at all” all due to Charles’ “disappointment and dismay” at Harry’s description of Queen Camilla.

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