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Priyanka joins call for ceasefire, Rupi says, ‘Stop the genocide’ | The Express Tribune

Amidst ongoing protests in the United States, activists and journalists are rallying against the Palestine genocide, prompting additional Hollywood figures to join an open letter advocating for a ceasefire. The letter specifically calls on Congress and President Joe Biden to take immediate action for de-escalation and a ceasefire in Gaza, where the Palestinian death toll is approaching 12,000. Currently, Gaza hospitals are under siege by the Israeli military, creating a dire situation for doctors and patients who are trapped inside without access to water or food.

Several prominent names have recently appended their signatures to the ceasefire letter, including Janelle Monae, a Grammy-nominated singer, Hollywood icon Richard Gere, comedian and host Hasan Minhaj, and the well-known supermodel siblings Gigi and Bella Hadid. Indian actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas is also a part of the list of artists rallying for a ceasefire. 

Apart from this, poet Rupi Kaur recently wrote a scathing explanation for why she refused to attend a Diwali event at the White House. When prompted for an explanation, the writer took to X once more to address all queries. “Countless national and global news outlets have reached out to me for comment. This is my response,” she began.

“We demanded accountability and it is saddening that the best the White House could come up with is, ‘Everyone has their opinion, we respect folks’ opinion, and that is her opinion.’ ‘Everyone has their opinion…and that is her opinion’ is a disingenuousness, gaslighting response to ‘Your government is helping to enable a Genocide with American tax dollars and we are asking you to stop.'”

Kaur continued, “Yesterday when President Biden was asked, ‘What are the prospects of a Gaza ceasefire?’ He replied, ‘None. No possibility.’ Shame that this administration does not have compassion for both Palestinian and Israeli lives lost. The children of all communities are worth our love and compassion. Collective punishment is a war crime, it is inhumane and cannot be a solution.”

She went on to pen, “‘Everyone has their opinion and that is her opinion’ when Palestinian kids are digging themselves out of the rubble. When they’re carrying their dead while being bombarded. When 900+ bloodlines have been erased forever. When last night, hospital after hospital was bombed. Ambulances destroyed and maternity and cancer wards placed in total ruin. ‘Everyone has their opinion and that is her opinion’ rejects the clear and simple fact that the majority of Americans and an overwhelming majority of the entire world is demanding a ceasefire.”

The explanation continued, “‘Everyone has their opinion and that is her opinion’ when the United Nations, the Pope, and every global humanitarian, medical and aid agency out there is begging and pleading for a ceasefire. To which President Biden replies, ‘None, no possibility.’ Let’s keep applying pressure. Let us sign petitions. Keep posting. Boycott. Call our reps and demand – stop the genocide.”

Fatima Bhutto appreciated the response by Kaur. Taking to X and quoting the post, she said, “Please read Rupi’s brilliant response-  this is what the world is demanding: accountability and justice. An immediate ceasefire and nothing less.”

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