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Princess Eugenie explains how she orders takeout to Kensington Palace

When Princess Eugenie has a hankering for takeout food, she has a specific plan of action.

The 33-year-old young royal finds ordering meals to Kensington Palace is especially difficult for herself and her family. But she detailed her full-proof method when staying at the palace during a recent episode of Table Manners podcast.

“So last night we got a curry, which I never do. I never eat them,” she said on 21 November. “[My husband] Jack and I were literally sitting for an hour on Deliveroo, like: ‘What on Earth does this mean?’”

The Duke of York’s daughter was referring to the British delivery app. After she placed her order on Deliveroo, Princess Eugenie and Jack went to “ring down” to the Kensington Palace employees, letting them know they were expecting food to be delivered.

“And then, we’ll get in our pyjamas and drive down and go pick it up,” she added. “We could walk, but I don’t want to be in my pyjamas outside.”

Princess Eugenie has her particulars, and some of which revolve around her food and drink preferences. For example, she opened up about how she likes her tea – noting that her tactic is “not that princess”. Rather than keeping the tea bag in the mug while she sips on it, Princess Eugenie only keeps the leaves in the water for a short time.

“I’ve always done it like that,” she said on the podcast. “I think my mom did it, and then I copied her. I don’t know how else to do it. I mean, I do know how else to do it, but I don’t like the taste.”

That said, Princess Eugenie favours tea over coffee these days. In fact, she’s stopped drinking coffee altogether because she “heard that the three things that make you unhealthy is coffee, sugar and alcohol”.

“I thought the easiest one to give up would be coffee,” Princess Eugenie added.

Though the mother of two is starting to implement a stricter diet for health purposes, she’s pretty relaxed in other aspects when it comes to dining with her family. Her two sons – August, two, and Ernest, five months – aren’t required to follow any harsh table manners. What’s more, Princess Eugenie said she allowed August to eat breakfast in front of the television.

During the episode recording, she recalled: “He goes: ‘Mamma, tray? This on tray? Take in playroom?’ I was like: ‘Okay.’”

“So, I brought his cereal and his marmite toast in with me so I could go and get Ernie and bring him down so they can all hang out,” Princess Eugenie continued.

The devoted parent went on to candidly discuss how her body has changed since giving birth to Ernest in May.

“I don’t know about you, but on the post-baby body thing, it sends me mad, but I find it really hard to shake baby weight,” she remarked. “I guess society dictates that you have to shake your baby weight and all that stuff.”

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