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Prince William turns deaf ear to Prince Harry, Meghan pal’s allegations

Prince William makes a huge change regarding his body language 

Prince William has seemingly showed off decency and elegance as he appeared more confident during his latest outing after allegations published in Omid Scobie’s new book.

The Prince of Wales has seemingly turned a deaf ear to claims made by co-author of Finding Freedom, who’s also considered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s friend.

The future king made a huge change regarding his body language as he and other senior members of the royal family have grown weary of the Harry and Meghan drama.

Kate Middleton’s husband appeared in high spirits as stepped back out there with a ‘business as usual’ approach on a recent visit. He looked happy and comfortable on a recent royal engagement in Manchester, in spite of new controversial claims in “Endgame”, which was published in serial form last week.

“If his body language signals here contain any responses to the latest attempts to skewer the royals via some barbed quotes in the Scobie book it’s more like a hint of mild exasperation than any appearance of being genuinely rattled, Body language analyst Judi James told the Mirror.

“All the Firm should be tired of this game by now but although every missile is missing its mark the overall effect must be wearying. Despite this though or perhaps because of it, William looks even more determined than usual to throw himself into his causes and to immerse himself with the people he meets,” the expert added.

Tensions between two royal brothers William and Harry are so bad that there is “no going back” Scobie claims in new book.

Kate Middleton and William are one of much-loved royal couples and they make no public comments to indulge into any new dram or feud with Harry, Meghan and any of their friends as they focus on their royal task and duties. 

However, the couple usually respond to their critics and haters by displaying their ever-green smiles and confidence during their public engagements amid all controversies around them.

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