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Phillip Schofield’s wife Stephanie Lowe thinking to divorce presenter?

Phillip Schofield and  his wife Stephanie Lowe share two daughters.

Phillip Schofield, who left his fans and loved ones in shock with his confession about affair with a younger staff member, has also hurt his wife Stephanie Lowe.

Stephanie, who shares two daughters with Schofield, had believed his dismissals of rumours and was said to be ‘devastated’ when she was told.

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‘This Morning’ fans and other people, who are aware of the details, assumed collapse of the presenter’s marriage with his wife. However, she has still not filed for a legal divorce from her estranged husband as a source claims there is ‘still love’ between the two.

Schofield, 61, confessed that his wife of almost 30 years was “very, very angry” with him over the affair which he called “unwise” but “not illegal”.

“Whatever Phillip has done behind Steph’s back, she still loves him. Even if the love they shared in the beginning of their marriage is different to what it is now, the love is still very much there,” an insider told OK!.

“Steph is, and always will be, Phillip’s support system. She hasn’t divorced him because she doesn’t want to see him fall any further, they added.

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After stepping down from This Morning, Schofield admitted: “I am painfully conscious that I have lied to my employers at ITV, to my colleagues and friends, to my agents, to the media and therefore the public and most importantly of all to my family. I am so very, very sorry, as I am for having been unfaithful to my wife.”

Schofield has kept out of the spotlight since the very public fall from grace. He’s spotted walking with his mum in the park and appearing in a handful of interviews during the initial fallout.

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