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Meghan Markle pushing for Prince Harry to reconcile with Charles, William

Meghan Markle pushing for Prince Harry to reconcile with King Charles, Prince William

Meghan Markle is reportedly intent on healing their rift with the Royal Family.

According to sources, the former actress is urging Prince Harry to resume contact with his estranged father King Charles and brother Prince William.

Meghan’s alleged desperation comes in the wake of the couple’s plummeting career in Hollywood.

A source told Closer Magazine, “They’ve already been turned down for numerous projects they had in the pipeline, including an HBO documentary, which Meghan is blaming on the fact their royal connection is fading.”

They continued: “She’s become extremely snappy and begged Harry to do something to prevent them from being cut off completely…

“Even urging him to take a solo trip to talk to Charles and William in a desperate attempt to keep a foot in the door,” the insider added.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were understood to have reconnected with the monarch on the occasion of his 75th birthday earlier this month.

And now, the former royals are allegedly fishing for an invite to spend the holiday season with the Royal Family at Sandringham next month.

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