LESCO detects 27,404 power pilferers in 71 days anti-theft campaign

LESCO detects 27,404 power pilferers in 71 days anti-theft campaign

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) detected a total of 27,404 connections from where the customers were pilfering electricity in all its circles of five districts- Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur and Okara- during 71 days of grand anti-power theft campaign.

The LESCO spokesman told media here Saturday that the company has so far submitted FIR applications against 27,113 electricity thieves, out of which 26,082 FIRs have been registered in respective police stations, while 12,779 accused have been arrested. The spokesman said that all the electricity thieves have been charged so far with 49,527,221 detection units amounting to Rs 2,029,016,822.

Grand anti-power theft operations against electricity thieves are being conducted on the directives of the Federal Power Division and the LESCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Engineer Shahid Haider is supervising these operations. LESCO chief vowed that the operations would continue without discrimination until the complete end of electricity theft. The electricity pilferers as well as the LESCO officers and employees who facilitate them are also being brought to justice.

On the 71st consecutive day (Nov. 18) of anti-power theft campaign, the spokesman added, LESCO found 367 connections involved in electricity theft in all its circles and also submitted FIR application against 365 electricity thieves in the respective police stations, out of which 211 FIRs have been registered while 29 accused have been arrested.

During the operation, he said, large agricultural and commercial consumers were also found involved in electricity theft and all of them were also disconnected and charged with detection units. Among the seized connections 14 commercial, 01 industrial, 02 agricultural and 350 domestic, and all these connections were disconnected and charged with a total of 445,647 units as detection bill amounting to Rs 17,598,648.

On the 71st day of anti-power theft operation, the LESCO charged 2,550 detection units worth Rs 950,000 to an connection in Natt Village of Manawan area; 10,890 detection units of Rs 544,500 to another connection also in Manawan area of Awan Dhawale; 5,235 detection units worth Rs 250,000 to a power pilferer in Asif Park of Garhi Shahu Lahore; and Rs 200,000 detection bill to a power thief in Minhala area.

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