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King Charles to abdicate soon, Prince William may not take the throne

The monarch and his eldest son seemingly have issues in running the monarch

King Charles is reportedly predicted to abdicate his throne after turning 75, but the monarch may not give the crown to his eldest son Prince William.

According to psychic Athos Salomé, while speaking to Daily Star, the countdown for the monarch’s departure from his throne has begun, adding that it was likely that there would be more context regarding this situation in the coming year or so.

“We will find out if he remains in power between 2024 and 2025,” he began.

Elaborating for the reason for his resignation, he warned that the king would face health problems that could put his life in danger.

“[Charles] must double the care with his health, problems may arise in his urinary system,” he said.

However, the psychic made a shocking claim that his rightful heir to the throne Prince William, was not going to take his place owing to the differences the father and son duo had for their plans to run the monarch. 

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“The Prince of Wales also has the number two in his life, the same frequency as his father Charles III are super connected kabbalistically saying, but with a difference of revolutionising the monarchy when he assumes the royalty,” he added. 

Despite the major claim, Salomé did not name who King Charles would abdicate to.

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