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King Charles ‘plan’ to abdicate sparks reactions

King Charles decides to hand over the monarchy to Prince William

King Charles III, who was officially crowned alongside his wife Queen Camilla in may 2023, has reportedly prepared a plan to abdicate to his eldest son Prince William.

The monarch, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday, will step down as King to hand over the monarchy to heir apparent William, Prince of Wales, according to a royal author.

Clive Irving, writer of “The Last Queen” and royal columnist at The Daily Beast, has claimed Prince William and Harry’s father, King Charles, may ‘retire’ when he reaches 80 – in five years’ time.

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The royal author, who’s said to be critical of the King’s reign, told Daily Express that the monarch will spend the next few years ‘repairing’ the monarchy amid scandals involving his son Prince Harry and brother Prince Andrew.

“He [Charles] wants to just have his moment in the limelight for a few years, make sure that William and Harry are carried through what’s going to be an incredibly difficult transitional phase for the monarchy. And then Camilla can retire to Balmoral and leave the show to William and Princess Kate,” said Clive.

The commentator went on: “I suspect that’s what’s going to happen. I think it’s not a quick enough changing of the guard, but it may be forced on them by circumstances, anyway, in the end.”

In a previous interview with Express US, he said: “I think Charles feels that it’s his duty to serve, having waited so long. But he also knows he’s the oldest person ever to have been coronated.”

However, the speculations and predictions about King Charles’s early exit has raised eyebrow, with some reacting: “King Charles’s reign could be ending before it even really begins.”

There are also speculations that the King Charles, who’s said to be feeling the toll from these back-to-back tours and events, might be planning on stepping down for an extended break over the holiday period due to his advanced age.

Some media outlets, citing insiders, report the King has allegedly instructed his advisers to coordinate with William and Kate to step up so he can have an extended, but much-needed, break.

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