Kim Kardashian reveals what sage advice she received from Salma Hayek

Kim Kardashian says Salma Hayek is her idol: More inside

Kim Kardashian has recently revealed what wise advice she received from actress Salma Hayek after landing a role on American Horror Story.

During the latest episode of The Kardashians, the SKIMS founder addressed fans queries who said that her role in the new series would have been given to the Desperado actress.

In the confessional, Kim said, “I just have to get it together. All these people are like speaking out like ‘You should give the role to Salma Hayek. Why don’t you give a real actress a job?’”

The reality star mentioned that she reached out to Salma and said to her, “’What did I get myself into? I feel bad’ and she’s like, ‘Do not feel bad. Maybe this whole road has led you here because you are supposed to be an actress and this is your real career’”.

“I am like, ‘You are right, Salma Hayek.’ And I was like, ‘can we play sisters in something? Because you are my idol’,” stated the 43-year-old.

Later in the show, Kim was seen at Scott Disick’s house, where she disclosed, she got her first script for her role on American Horror Story.

Scott asked, “Are you excited? Are you nervous?”

”I am really excited. I want to try something new. I’ve literally travelled from Japan to Paris to London to Palm Springs to Northern California, like all over the place, and now I have to go to New York for American Horror Story,” asserted the reality star.

Kim is going through the script, seeing that the pages have her full name watermarked on them as she remarks, “It has my name!”

In the confession, the star added, “I just want to make sure that I’m prepared. I have a lot of lines, it’s a lot of lot of work.”

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