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Kim Kardashian reflects on basics of divorce after Kanye West split

Kim Kardashian reflects on basics of divorce after Kanye West split

Kim Kardashian credits her own divorce from ex-husband Kanye West to the lessons she learnt from her parents’ divorce.

The reality TV star, who appeared on the cover of GQ’s 28th annual Men of the Year edition, talked about how her approach to co-parenting their four children has been affected by Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian Sr.’s 1991 divorce.

In light of her parents’ divorce, Kim underlined the value of giving kids a sense of “love and hearing” during these trying times. She remembered her parents being honest about their circumstances, something she tried to teach her kids.

“You want to be sensitive because they’re just kids, and it’s hard to go through no matter what age,” Kim Kardashian told GQ.

The Skims mogul sought therapy, especially from a child psychologist, after her divorce from musician Kanye West in 2021 to make sure she handled the issue in her children’s best interests.

She recognised the difficulties of being a parent and emphasised the need for her close-knit support system of friends as a therapeutic support system.

“I do have a therapist that only deals in child psychology that I talk to in order to get parenting tips and advice,” she added.

“Sometimes I feel challenged by parenting. But I have the best group of friends and we talk about everything together, so that to me is therapy. I hit the lottery, the fu*king Mega Ball of friends.”

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