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Khaqan Shahnawaz admits having ‘pretty privilege’ | The Express Tribune

In a candid interview with Fuchsia, actor and content creator Khaqan Shahnawaz unapologetically embraced the reality of ‘pretty privilege’. While acknowledging his hard work, he candidly admitted the undeniable advantages of being “conventionally good-looking”.

While talking about his good looks, good looks …and good looks, he highlighted the opportunities and connections afforded by his social media presence. Shahnawaz concluded by emphasizing the transformative impact of social media, bestowing privilege upon those adept at navigating its realms.

“I am very lucky, I have the best gift of all, I have the genetic gift; I look this way,” he told host Rabia Mughni. “So that makes a huge difference, you feel?” she inquired. “Yeah, yeah. Who will deny that being conventionally good-looking does not help you? I’m a conventionally good-looking guy. I have green eyes, fair skin, I’m tall, broad, I have a well-defined face. These things help you, globally,” Shahnawaz assured.

After Mughni claimed that she is taken aback by his honesty, the actor asserted, “Oh no, no. Why would I sit here and deny this and say that ‘I’ve worked really hard’? I have worked really hard; I have. But I am very privileged.”

He then counted his blessings by elaborating on these “privileges” that come with being a social media personality. The content creator also talked about belonging to a section of society that can be friends with people like Danyal Zafar without being a part of the music industry.

“I am privileged to be from a section of society that can be friends with people like Danyal Zafar without being in the industry. I’m educated. I have never had to go hungry. I can fly to Karachi for a friend and meet a director. I got an apartment in Karachi, right after being done with university because I’m privileged and because I’m a content creator.”

The actor concluded that social media has given people, who are good at it, a lot of privilege. “They’re the stars,” he notes.

Social media’s transformative power is evident in Shahnawaz’s acknowledgment of ‘pretty privilege’. It not only shapes perceptions but also creates stars, offering an advantage to those skilled in its dynamics. Shahnawaz’s insights also underscore the profound impact of social media in shaping contemporary notions of success and influence.

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