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Jayesh Sachdev: Painting Can Quickly Jump From Being Cathartic To A Chore | EXCLUSIVE – News18

Last Updated: November 23, 2023, 18:14 IST

Jayesh sports multiple caps, including illustrator, fashion designer, and painter, and is well-known for his contributions to art and culture. (Image: Instagram)

Artist Jayesh Sachdev recently concluded his solo show Utopian Dystopia at Tao Art Gallery in Mumbai.

For an artist, expressing oneself with colours and canvases, is the biggest strength to flaunt and share. Jayesh Sachdev lives strongly by it. An illustrator, fashion designer and a painter, he donnes many hats and has been widely recognised for his contribution in the filed of art and culture. Recently, the young artist concluded his solo show Utopian Dystopia that’s all things colourr, creativity, characters and emotions. In an exclusive conversation with News18, Jayesh opened up about his journey, his beliefs and all things in between.

How did you get into art initially?

I went to Design School at Lasalle Singapore and Graduated with Visual Communication. Having worked in Advertising and Design, I see Art as an extension of personal expression.

You had mentioned about your art being thought provoking, and, at the same time they are colourful, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing… What do you focus more on ?

It would be hard to weigh one over the other, but the marriage of both makes for a multi-sensory experience for the viewer. If we can draw them in through thought-provoking art while ensuring the aesthetic depth of a work, we engage the audience intellectually and visually.

What do you treasure about it, and could you put into words how painting makes you feel?

Painting can quickly jump from being cathartic to a chore. It is exhilarating, exhausting, lonely and very fulfilling. It is a cocktail of emotions, highs and lows, and a medium of voice that I continue to be immersed in.

Do you feel your cultural background or personal experiences have influenced your art?

Most certainly. Our subconscious isn’t something we can escape, and I wouldn’t want to either. It is intrinsic to who we are, and It’s influences naturally trickle into the storytelling.

Has your artistic style evolved over the years?

It evolves with each day, and no body of work stays consistent. At the same time, some may see that as inconsistent, but I see that as evolutionary, a revolt to how it should be. With every new experience and learning, the influence in my work adapts and evolves and grows forward.

You have been in the creative industry for many years. What would be your advice for emerging creatives, especially at the very beginning of their career?

It is a slow, lonely process requiring you to believe in yourself. Pursuing growth and finding a unique voice in your work is a journey, a process, a way of life.

Art is perceived differently by different people. What is it that you wish to convey people with your work?

The show at Tao has the artist’s statement, “THIS TEXT IS THE ARTISTS STATEMENT AND IS THE INTERPRETATION OF THE ARTISTS WORKS.”. I want to leave the audience with this thought.

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