It is responsibility of state to trace missing persons: SHC

The Sindh High Court on Thursday heard cases of seven missing persons including a minor girl.

The family of a missing person in a plea to the court, presided over by Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto complained that the police was failed to trace the person even after many years.

Investigation officer of the case, told the court that missing citizen Raees, has been a mental patient. “If he is a mental patient, it is still responsibility of the state to trace him. The police could not get out of its responsibility with these arguments,” the bench remarked.

“Who will trace the girl disappeared from a bungalow? If the underage girl has married or it is some other matter, there are several aspects of the investigation,” Justice Phulpoto said.

The court consoling the families of the missing persons said that the efforts are being made to trace their dear ones.

The bench also ordered the Steel Town, Mochko and Super Market police stations to register cases of the missing persons.

The court also summoned report from the federal government and various state institutions over the matter by August 12.

The Sindh High Court on Wednesday hearing 10 missing citizens case expressed its resentment over inaction of investigation officers and others in search of the missing persons.

“It has not yet decided even after 12 years that the missing persons went by their own or someone has taken them by force,” Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto remarked.

The bench also called reports from all jails and detention centres in the country.

The court also summoned the head of the joint investigation team (JIT) over failure in tracing a missing citizen, disappeared for last 12 years from Ajmer Nagri of Karachi.

The bench directed for financial assistance of the family of a citizen missing from Mominabad locality of Karachi since year 2012.

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