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Inside Prince William, Kate Middleton’s secret soaring popularity in US

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly been well-received in America

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s popularity in America was credited due to the pair’s ability to be present.

As per royal author Clive Irving, while speaking to Express US, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were noted to be more well-liked in comparison to other members of the royal family like King Charles and Queen Camilla.

“Americans would love to see the monarchy much more like Harry and Meghan than like King Charles and Queen Camilla.”

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Irving continued: “So that leaves us with William and Kate. Like Harry and Meghan, they are also very popular in America.”

He went on to add that the current monarch struggles to understand the value of extending the royal family’s influence beyond the UK.

This as per Irving, was something that the Prince of Wales understood well, which resulted in their improved popularity, as made apparent in recent polls over the year.

“They live in the current moment, as opposed to the rest of the family who seem to have lost the plot.”

The royal author said: “I think there’s a great deal of feeling that William understands the mood and the reality on the ground [In America] far more than Charles ever will.” 

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