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How to keep lungs healthy and safe during rising levels of pollution | The Times of India

Stay indoors, avoid venturing out or outdoor activities if not necessary. Use Air-purifiers to keep indoors free from toxins. Use exhaust and suction chimneys during cooking to avoid any use of incense, camphor or burning dhoop sticks. Burning of garbage is punishable.

Healthy and balanced diet for general fitness. Use plenty of fruits, juices and liquids for antioxidants and flushing the toxins from the body.

Dr. Sharad Joshi – Director & HOD, Pulmonology, Max Hospital, Vaishali says, “Respiratory Patients must take utmost care. Don’t stop your medicines and inhalers without advice. Don’t ignore early symptoms and consult a doctor early.”

Steam inhalation and multivitamins in right doses would help cleaning airways. Routine exercises and breathing exercises inside home help maintain general fitness.

Asthmatics & COPD patients must continue inhalers/ Nebulization. As well the winters are setting in, take precautions.

Take your flu shot (influenza vaccine) and pneumococcal vaccine to protect lungs from secondary infections.

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