Heading Out? 13 New Menus In Delhi-NCR Restaurants To Try In May-June 2024

The month of May has started with the sun shining brightly upon us. During these hot summer months, all we crave are cooling foods and beverages, don’t we? They help provide relief from the scorching heat, and we are always on the lookout for summer-special foods and drinks to try. The good news is that your favourite restaurants have heard your wish and introduced new menus that will make your summer even better. From refreshing cocktails, appetisers, main course dishes, and desserts, there’s something for everyone. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list to find out which restaurants in Delhi-NCR are offering these menus. Read on!

Here Are 13 New Menus In Delhi-NCR Restaurants To Try In May-June 2024:

1.Adrift Kaya

Adrift Kaya, the modern Japanese Izakaya nestled within the luxurious JW Marriott New Delhi, commemorated its second anniversary this month. This two-year-old culinary gem is the brainchild of Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Executive chairman, of Aria Hotels and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd helmed by Michelin-starred Chef David Myers. Since its debut in 2022, the restaurant has captivated the hearts and palates of discerning diners with its innovative take on Japanese cuisine, blending the rich traditions of Japan with the vibrant spirit of California. The Japanese flagship of Michelin-starred celebrity chef and restaurateur David Myers marked the occasion by adding innovative dishes to the menu. The elevated menu features traditional Japanese dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Otoro tartare crispy rice caviar, Kyoto vegetarian miso ramen, Kyoto tonkatsu ramen and more. These new dishes along with their classics go perfectly with their signature cocktails. We love Akuna – a tequila-based cocktail brimming with the flavours of passionfruit and ginger ale. Another must-try cocktail is Bob San – a Japanese whisky mixed with egg white, yuzu and lime juice. Other than its lip-smacking taste, Bob San impresses with its spectacular presentation – covered in a cloche and whirls of smoke coming out as the cloche is lifted.

  • Where: Adrift Kaya, JW Marriott Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 4000 (approx)

2. MKT

MKT at The Chanakya is infusing summer zest into its menu! The restaurant has unveiled its highly anticipated Mango Fiesta Menu, a succulent celebration of the king of fruits. This gourmet treasure trove boasts rich and versatile mango flavours, available from 12 pm to 12 am all summer long. Paying homage to the season’s beloved fruit, MKT offers thoughtfully curated exquisite salads, including the Spicy Thai Mango Salad, the Kale & Mango Salad, and The Mango & Feta Salad. To conclude your meal on a high note, MKT features decadent desserts. The Sticky Rice & Mango, paired with pandan-flavoured coconut milk and sesame, offers a delightful nod to classic flavours. The Mango Pudding, featuring a mango sponge, lime mint jelly, and candied mango, presents a refreshing twist. For beverage connoisseurs, the menu features an array of mango-inspired cocktails, such as the Mango Highball and the Spiced Mango cocktail, among others.

  • Where: MKT, The Chanakya Mall, Chanakaypuri
  • Cost For Two: INR 3000 (approx)


INJA, the world’s first Indian-Japanese fusion restaurant, has unveiled its latest gastronomical innovation – the ‘Hawker High’ menu. This unique culinary journey blends the meticulous craft of Japanese street cuisine with the rich diversity of Indian street food, creating a symphony of flavours and aromas. In the hands of Chef Adwait, each dish becomes a compelling narrative, seamlessly marrying the umami-rich precision of Japanese street gastronomy with the aromatic and spirited chaos of Indian street food. Take, for instance, the Hamachi “Bombay Sandwich” featuring Hamachi Sashimi, Wasabi Potato, Sweet Potato Chips, Ito-katso, and Sandwich chutney, or the Koji Chicken Wings adorned with Tamarind & Jaggery Teriyaki and a hint of Smoked Kashmiri Chili, among others. Each dish, akin to a chapter in a culinary novel, unfolds a tale of tradition and innovation, inviting diners on a sensory journey through the vibrant streets of Japan and the lively bazaars of India.

  • Where: INJA, The Manor Hotel, New Friends Colony
  • Cost For Two: INR 4000 (approx)
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Photo Credit: INJA

4. Mensho Tokyo

Mensho Tokyo, situated in the bustling M block market of Greater Kailash 2, has introduced summer specials on their menu. Curated with a blend of tradition and innovation, their menu promises an unparalleled culinary journey straight from Japan. As the sun beats down, Mensho Tokyo’s refreshing Avocado Salad and Chashu Hiyashi Salad provide a delightful respite, offering a cool and invigorating contrast to the heat. The ever-popular Katsu Sando, an authentic Japanese sandwich with its crispy exterior and tender filling, is an ideal choice for a satisfying summer meal. For those craving a comforting summer experience, the Negi Goma Ramen, with its rich broth and aromatic green onions, is the perfect choice. Alternatively, for a hearty and fulfilling meal, one can delve into the Creamy Spicy Mazesoba and the Pork Donburi, offering a savoury symphony of flavours. Apart from these, their menu features many other mouth-watering dishes that will leave you yearning for more.

  • Where: Mensho Tokyo, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 1800 (approx)
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Photo Credit: Mensho Tokyo

5. The Grammar Room

The Grammar Room has always been a favourite among Delhiites. This summer season, they’ve unveiled a new menu that promises to take your taste buds on a culinary journey like no other. The menu features a plethora of fresh, light, and delectable offerings that nourish the soul. Embracing seasonal variations and local ingredients, they’ve infused familiar flavours with their own unique twists and interpretations. Standout dishes such as the Poke Mango Bowl, Sobachi Salad, and Sushi Tostadas pair wonderfully with their signature Passionfruit Sorbet Spritzer on a hot summer day! Don’t miss out on other delightful offerings like the Caesar Toast, Superfood, and Turkish Eggs. Plan a visit to this restaurant soon and indulge in mouth-watering delights with your loved ones.

  • Where: The Grammar Room, Mehrauli, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 3400 (approx)
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Photo Credit: The Grammar Room

6. Mezze Mambo

Mezze Mambo is back with summer specials. The all new summer menu bursts with the sunny goodness of mangoes and refreshing cocktails. Savour the culinary creations of Chef Megha Kohli, where every bite is an adventure. Dive into the refreshing Indian Summer Labneh, featuring smoked Labneh adorned with succulent fresh mangoes and a zesty raw mango chutney. The Tropical Chicken Salad is a must-try, boasting curry-spiced chicken nestled amidst mixed greens, roasted coconut, basil, coriander, and mangoes, drizzled with chilli and lime dressing. The menu is replete with desserts like the Lakhi Bagh Cheesecake, blending the essence of baked mango cheesecake with the nostalgic flavours of dadi bua’s naan khatai, enriched with white chocolate and sesame chikki. The Mango & Berry Sun-yay is a delectable treat crafted from fresh mango, mango gelato, luscious berry ice cream, berry compote, whipped cream, toasted nuts, and a buttery cookie crumble, ensuring each bite is a celebration of sweetness and satisfaction. Accompanying these culinary delights are cocktails designed to refresh during the summer months. Sip on the Berry Plum Sour or indulge in the Royal Sangria.

  • Where: Mezze Mambo, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 2000 (approx)

7. Seven Seeds Coffee

Nestled in Green Park, Delhi, Seven Seeds Coffee is a beacon for coffee and dessert lovers. With doors open from 8 AM to 4 AM, the place caters to early risers and night owls alike. The ambiance exudes warmth, adorned with pastel decor, offering spots for every mood. Indulge in artful desserts, delicious as well as gorgeous for posting on social media. From decadent cakes to delicate pastries, each bite is crafted with care. The locally sourced coffee, including the signature Kerehaklu blend, delivers a sensory experience rooted in sustainability. 

  • Where: 5, Block W, Arjun Nagar, Green Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
  • Cost for two: ₹ 400 (approx.)


KHI KHI has launched an innovative cocktail menu, weaving together a satirical fusion of international influences meticulously curated to enhance the essence of Indian mixology. Guided by Chef and Co-Founder Tarun Sibal, their team of mixology maestros have passionately crafted libations that skillfully blend tradition and satire, promising a drinking experience where each cocktail tells a story. Embark on a flavourful journey with the Shikanji Highball, a satirical twist on the classic highball, invigorating your palate with each sip of the Indian summer cooler infusion. For those craving an exhilarating kick, the Patron Picante beckons with premium tequila and the bold heat of jalapeño, crafting a dynamic and unforgettable flavour profile. The Fat Fashioned, a satirical nod to fat-washed classics, elevates tradition to new heights, offering a luscious interpretation that playfully indulges the senses. In addition to these, don’t miss out on the Tiki Style and Something Skinny options.

  • Where: KHI KHI, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 2500 (approx)
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Photo Credit: KHI KHI

9. One8 Commune 

Virat Kohli’s One8 Commune has introduced a new menu, ‘Mango Fiesta,’ to pay homage to the luscious fruit of summer. The carefully curated menu features culinary delights such as the refreshing Mango and Avocado Carpaccio, the harmonious Mango and Goat Cheese Flatbread, and the indulgent Mango Sourdough Toast with Fresh Burrata. For a burst of flavours, delve into the Mango Summer Roll accompanied by a delightful Mango Peanut Chili Dip, or relish the velvety sweetness of the Mango Pistachio Velvet. If you’re a mango lover, don’t miss this tempting menu this season, and make sure to share the experience with your friends and family.

  • Where: One8 Commune, all outlets
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Photo Credit: One8 Commune

10. Chilli Pop 

Located in Rajouri Garden, Chilli Pop is a bold, eclectic, and fun spot inspired by spicy flavours. Vibrant interiors with playful elements and handmade paintings create a unique atmosphere. The menu reflects the cultural diversity of the neighbourhood, using locally sourced ingredients for an authentic taste. Here, you can savour a wide range of dishes ranging from Chinese and Indian to European cuisines and more. Not to forget their delectable mocktails and cocktails that make the perfect accompaniment to your meals. Interactive experiences, themed events, and unconventional uniforms add to the charm. Chilli Pop isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a flavourful, dynamic experience waiting to be savoured.

  • Where: Chilli Pop, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 1400 (approx)

11. Andrea’s Bistro 

Andrea’s Bistro in Vasant Kunj has introduced its Summer Dessert Festival 2024: La Dolce Vita! Celebrating the abundance of the season, the restaurant brings to light a new dessert menu designed to transport patrons to a world of sweetness, showcasing an array of flavours sourced from the finest produce available. Here, you can indulge in irresistible offerings such as the Mississippi Mud Pie. For those yearning for a taste of the tropics, the Banoffee Sundae is an ideal option. Chocolate enthusiasts will rejoice in the Double Chocolate Cookie. Elevating the cheesecake experience is the San Sebastian Cheesecake, baked to perfection and complemented by hot chocolate. Apart from these, you can savour a wide variety of other delightful desserts at Andrea’s Bistro to fix your sweet cravings.

  • Where: Dlf Promenade, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 2500 (approx)
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Photo Credit: Andrea’s Bistro 

12. Gulati

Gulati Restaurant, the celebrated dining destination known for its exquisite North Indian cuisine, has recently announced the expansion of its menu at both the Pandara Road, Delhi, and Mega Mall, Gurgaon, locations. The new offerings include mouth-watering dishes such as Hyderabad Murgh Malai Biryani and Champaran Meat. For those who prefer their meals off the griddle, Tawa Chicken and Tawa Paneer are ideal choices. Vegetarians can rejoice with the introduction of Edamame Galouti, a creative twist on the classic galouti kebab, and Dal Ki Chaat. The beverage and dessert menu also sees equally tantalising additions, with the Mango Mojito and Mango Kulfi Shake offering a refreshing taste of tropical sweetness, while the innovative Spiced Jamun and Popcorn Caramel Shake cater to those with a penchant for unique dessert flavours.

  • Where: Gulati Restaurant
  • Cost For Two: INR 2200 (approx)
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Photo Credit: Gulati

13. Smoke House Deli

As the summer sun brings its warmth, Smoke House Deli is ready to cool things down with its summer specials. The menu boasts a variety of options, from vibrant salads and energising smoothies to refreshing summer coolers and indulgent ice creams. Among its elaborate selection of salads, the Baked Sweet Potato Salad, Spice Roasted Beetroot Salad, Greek Salad, and Chicken Caesar Salad are must-tries. Complementing these refreshing munchies, you can enjoy their Banana Berry Smoothie, Stress Buster Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, among many more. And if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Smoke House Deli’s signature in-house ice creams offer a chilling climax and are an absolute must-have. Also available in sugar-free options, guests can relish them guilt-free.

  • Where: Smoke House Deli
  • Cost For Two: INR 1500 (aprpox)
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Photo Credit: Smoke House Deli

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