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Harry cast aside as William’s ‘troubled’ soul main focus of The Crown

Prince Harry’s appearance in the first part of The Crown Season 6 is nothing more than a cameo, as relayed by Dr. Tessa Dunlop.

First four episodes of the final season of the historical-fiction drama dropped on Thursday, Nov. 16, on Netflix.

Writing for The Mirror, Dunlop reflected on the storyline of the episodes, which chronicled the tragic death of Princess Diana and its grueling aftermath.

Noting that the Duke of Sussex is a “faint presence” in the episodes, the royal author explained it was Prince William, played by Rufus Kampa, whose “turbulent state” is laser focus of the show.

“It is William who hogs the telephone calls to his absentee mother and it is William who is knocked for six by Diana’s death,” Dunlop wrote. “William took to the hills to make sense of his own grief.”

Meanwhile, she expressed that 12-year-old Harry, played by Fflyn Edwards, didn’t seem to understand the enormity of Diana’s death at the time.

Dunlop noted his reaction to the death of his mother was a stoic reminder of just how young and vulnerable the prince was. 

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