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Gwyneth Paltrow addresses Ski crash case trial: ‘fighting for right’

Gwyneth Paltrow addresses Ski crash case trial: ‘fighting for right’

Gwyneth Paltrow has recently addressed Ski crash case and what she was looking out from the trial.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, the Goop founder revealed, “I found myself in that situation and it was really important to me to go there and try to do the right thing.”

For the unversed, Paltrow countersued retired optometrist, Terry Sanderson in a 2016 skiing collision between her and Sanderson, who sued her first. In the end, the jury found the actress not liable, and Sanderson at fault.

Reflecting on the civil trial, the Emma actress shared she “didn’t want to create any more attention. I wanted it to be about truth coming out”.

“That’s what I was just sort of focused on as it was an intense experience,” said the 51-year-old.

Paltrow noted, “I kept saying to myself, in life, if you believe in God or the universe or whatever, I do believe that we’re always exactly where we’re supposed to be. And we don’t have to understand it.”

The Iron Man actress told the outlet, “I really believe in fighting for what’s right.”

“But I do think that when things have come up in my life where something’s been egregious and there’s an opportunity to try to change culture around that for women, I’ve sort of dove in,” she added. 

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