Govt comes to ‘rescue’ as spy agencies stand in dock

such communication. “I should make it clear regarding this case that a request was made that the briefing regarding our capability on surveillance and other matters about national security, internal and external, be made in-camera so it does not go into the public domain.”

The AGP added that as per his information, no official from any security institution had made such kind of direct contact nor could they do so.

He said it was the AGP office that had initiated the contact to request that sensitive information be shared in in-camera hearings only.

Later, Law and Justice Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar held a press conference to dispel the impression that the intelligence agency tried to influence the judge. He said the judge was requested to hold a hearing on surveillance in-camera as the courts had always heeded such requests and should continue to do so as well since it was in the “wider public interest”.

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