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In an effort to encourage the startup community and elucidate their success stories, business leaders cum academics emphasised the need to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in local industries for soon achieving amazing results. Lifting the spirits of young business people, they recited a famous Urdu couplet: “Tundi-e-Baad-e-Mukhalif Se Na Ghabra Ay Uqaab Ye Tou Chalti Hai Tujhay Ooncha Urranay Ke liye” (Don’t fear the intensity of opposing wind, O’ Eagle, it blows to help you fly even higher.) They mentioned that businesses encompass both successes and failures but advocated for continuous struggle and endeavours toward a better and brighter future. They shared stories of starting various businesses and offered numerous pieces of advice to attract global investments in Pakistan.

This took place during the inauguration of a two-day conference titled: “+92Disrupt,” organised by Katalyst Labs at a local hotel on Saturday. Anzar, the Association Dean of Teaching and Learning at Habib University, asserted that all multinational companies are fully aware of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will prevail in all industries in the months to come. He emphasised that industrialists will not only be users of AI but also developers of this modern technology.

“AI can facilitate much faster process automation in industries, play a vital role in research, and contribute to the success plan of any new products, explaining how they impact once they are launched in the market. It can deploy digital tools for capacity development easily, and on top of that, companies can rebrand themselves through AI. There are numerous things to revamp factories with the use of AI,” he said.

Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Pakistan Limited, appealed to youngsters not to leave the country, emphasising that this is their home ground. He stated that low wages are sheer commercial cases, urging companies to create roadmaps to gradually raise salaries within a few years. He stressed the need for startup communities to build sustainable business models for all seasons, given the global crises faced by the world and Pakistan. He highlighted that as people are aware of the impact of events like Covid-19 globally, businesses must establish themselves as all-weather entities for sustainability.

“I look into your bright, sparkling faces – our next generation – and I realise how much smarter, hungrier, better connected, and more committed you are. You have more access to resources and networks of people not just in Pakistan but around the world. You have put us on the map, done deals, developed products for the world, and shown that we are a country of intelligent human beings and smart innovators. Organisations from multiple countries are reaching out to us seeking software professionals from Pakistan – organisations from the Middle East, Japan, Korea, the US, Europe. Our diaspora is out there creating waves, demonstrating what Pakistanis are capable of. Our investors are investing in ideas and teams that they have confidence will be able to deliver. You – the newer generation – are more aware of the results of your actions, more compassionate, wanting to reach out and help those that are less privileged than you are. You want to bring them up to where you are and beyond that to where they want to be,” Katalyst Labs Founder and CEO Jehan Ara said.

Babar Ahmed, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindstorm Studios, stated that conferences are essential for inspiring people and sharing ideas, but more importantly, to showcase the possibility of success and achieving targets in this country. He noted that there are numerous challenges faced by Pakistan, and people tend to avoid sharing success stories. Ahmed mentioned that the video games industry is attracting new users rapidly and called for giving exposure to people working on a small level so that they come up with new ideas to groom themselves and the industry, ultimately benefiting the country.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 12th, 2023.

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