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Elon Musk’s ‘cunning’ custody battle plan against ex Grimes laid bare

Elon Musk and Grimes sued each other for custody in September 

Elon Musk is planning a cunning scheme as he finds loophole in the Texas law, in a bid to favour him over Grimes in his ongoing custody battle.

As the contentious custody battle between the on-off exes ensues over their three children, a lawyer told Page Six that there is a specific reason why Musk filed his custody complaint specifically in Texas and is adamant about proving his children’s residency in the Lone Star State.

“Texas law places a cap on the amount of child support the higher earner has to pay regardless of their wealth,” lawyer Stephanie I. Blum told the outlet.

“No doubt Musk filed in Texas in order to get a better deal on child support than he would get in California,” Blum posited about the tech mogul’s motivations.

Musk, 52, first sued Grimes, 35, on September 13th for custody of their children, almost a month before Grimes counter-sued him.

In the lawsuit, the Tesla CEO claimed that he had the “actual care, control, and possession of each child since the birth of each child” while being a full-time resident of Texas.

Unbeknownst to spectators, Grimes’ subsequent infamous plea on social media to be allowed to see her children was probably a reaction to Musk’s lawsuit.

Subsequently, the Canadian musician filed her own lawsuit against Musk, which included a standard restraining order that would prevent either parent from moving the children out of Grimes’ state of residence in California.

She further filed a motion to dismiss Musk’s petition, expressing that the court’s “assumption of jurisdiction” are “inappropriate” and would violate “fair play and substantial justice.” 

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