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Drake debuts new ‘ironic’ tattoo at most important part of body

Drake new controversial tattoo sparks mixed recations

Drake has left fans confused with a subtle new tattoo at the most prominent part of the body.

The term “miskeen” appeared to be tattooed over the forehead arch of the Take Care rapper when he was pictured on Saturday.

In Arabic and Amharic, the phrase means “poor” or “pathetic,” but in the hitmaker’s native Toronto, it’s often used to characterize someone as “sweet and innocent,” according to NOW Toronto.

Drake hasn’t yet explained the significance of his most recent tattoo or given a reason for getting the term tattooed, though.

However, some thought Drake’s new tattoo was hilarious because it seemed like he was calling himself “poor.”

“The dude lives in a $150m mansion,” one fan exclaimed on X (formerly Twitter).

“If Drake is miskeen what’s the word for the rest of us?” a second joined, while a third chimed in, “The way Drake is anything but Miskeen.”

According to the US Sun, the One Dance hitmaker is far from “poor” because he apparently has a $100 million property in Toronto.

In April 2020, Drake flaunted his opulent 50,000-square-foot residence, dubbed “The Embassy,” at his Architectural Digest cover shoot.

In November 2017, Drake revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he had a collection of Birkin bags within his expansive property, which he has been gathering for his future spouse.

The rapper of Marvin’s Room is also the owner of a $65 million, 18,000-square-foot house in Beverly Hills.

In October 2021, he listed it for rent, asking an estimated $215,00 per month.

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